10 Must Have Shoes Every Guy And Lady Should Own

Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally. There is no denying it that shoes are what we make use of on a daily basis.

With so many varieties of men’s & women’s shoe in the market today, it can be quite challenging when trying to pick out the right shoe for an outfit. Here we will be looking at different designer’s shoe every man and woman is supposed to have in their closet.

Here are the Line-up of the Shoes


Sneakers are also well known as casual shoes, most of them are equipped with rubber soles which are particularly designed for sports. It perfectly blends in with jeans, short or chinos. They are available for men & women and it is a must have item in everyone’s wardrobe.
Men's Sneakers
Women's Sneakers

Ankle Shoes

Ankle shoes can never run out of style. It pretty much goes with everything. It is sleek, stylish & perfect for smart casual outings. It’s definitely a must-have for guys & ladies.
Men's Ankle Shoes
Women's Ankle Shoes


Loafers are a very popular kind of casual shoes, and one of the reasons is because it’s very easy to wear. It every business man favorite shoe because you can also wear them without socks. They can be worn with jeans or shorts. Loafers are a summation of style & simplicity.
Men's Loafers
Women's Loafers


Trainers are made for comfort & versatility. They are stylish, reliable and beautiful. The difference between a sneaker and a trainer is that trainers are designed for sports activities but can also blend in to create a casual look.
Men's Trainers
Women's Trainers

Gladiator Sandals

You can not get anything more stylish, flexible, comfortable & relaxing in men/women footwear’s. Gladiator sandals is a must-have for every guy & girl out there. It’s a game changer and brings out the inner beauty in you.
Men's Sandals
Women's Sandals


These shoes gained popularity in 1800 among college students, particularly at Oxford University. They are characterized by their round toes and are usually with a cap. Oxford shoes are worn at formal occasions, from marriage ceremonies to dinner parties. Versatile, unique and timeless, these shoes are good to go with tuxedos. Black and brown are the most common colors due to their versatility.
Men's Oxford Shoes
Women's Oxford Shoes

Chelsea Boots

Widely popularized by British rock stars, these ankle boots can be identified with their elastic side panel. They are suitable for work and corporate occasions. It’s perfect for both men and women and can never run out of style.
Men's Chelsea Boots
Women's Chelsea Boots

Canvas Shoes

Lightweight, casual, flexible, comfortable, beautiful, sleek, canvas shoes have got it all. They look great with t-shirt & jeans or shorts, and they come in all kinds of sweet colors so you can always find a pair that will match your outfit.
Men's Canvas Shoes
Women's Canvas Shoes

Moccasin Shoes

A simple T-shirt and chinos with a pair of moccasin is all you need for a perfect casual outfit. Similar to loafers, moccasins are easy to wear, lightweight and keeps your feet well padded and protected. It is perfect for both men and women and it’s very fashionable.
Men's Moccasin Shoes
Women's Moccasin Shoes

High Heel Shoes

High heels shoes have been around for a while and their is no denying that women have a special place in their hearts for high heel shoes. Heel shoes can be worn to parties, work, weddings, and cooperate occasions. There are different types of heels shoes like pumps, wedge heels, ankle strap heels, kitten heels, cone heels, sling back heels and so on. when worn with the right outfit, it’s brings out the inner beauty in you & makes you more attractive.
Women's High Heel Shoes
Women's High Heel Shoes
CONCLUSION: Hope you had fun with our list of shoes? Wearing the right outfit & most especially the right shoes brings out the best version of you & lights up your inside in such a way that you have confidence in every step you take. Shoes are very important part of life so make sure you choose the right shoes for the right occasions.

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