5 Legit Websites That Will Pay You To Listen To Music

Listening to music with your mobile phone is a great and easy way for you to make money online. Although it’s not going make you rich overnight but it sures accumulates with time as long you are consistent.
These companies pay you over $0.15 per 30 seconds of music you listen to. To be able to make over $300/month, you will have to register in all the websites on the list. If music is your thing and you have internet access then why not try it out?

No 1. MusicXay

music xray

MusicXray is one of the most reliable and popular website that rewards you to listen to music. It’s completely free to join and you can get up to $10 per-hour listening to music.

You can pick your preferred genre which means you can actually get paid to listen to what you love. At MusicXray, you only have to listen to music for 30 seconds and you earn for each song you listen to. You can make up to $100 a month listening to your favorite music.

You can make a withdrawal though PayPal if you have up to $20 dollars in your account. You will earn $0.10 for listening to a song for 30 seconds and $1 for rating a song. You will receive songs in your inbox and you will have within 24hours before the opportunity expires.

No 2. Slice the pie

slice the pie

Slice the pie is another popular company that will pay you to listen and review musics. They select musics at random for you to listen and you have up to 90 seconds to write a review about the music.

It is a great way to earn side income if listening to music is what you love. The pay ranges between $0.02 to $0.20 per review and you can ask for payment when you have at least $10 in your account.

No 3. Hit Predicator

hit predicator

Hit Predicator is another well-known money making website that pays you to Listen and rate musics online. You can join up for free and start earning points for rating songs or artists based on your opinion.

The points you get from rating songs and artists can be converted to Amazon Gift Cards, ITunes Gift Cards, CDs, DVDs, etc.

No 4. Earnably


Earnably is a top-choice website that rewards their members with cash and gift cards for completing different online tasks.

You can earn money by watching videos, listening to musics, online surveys, referrals and so much more.

The more songs you listen to, the more points you earn.  You can then cash out when you have at least $3 in your account through your PayPal account.

No 5. Unique Rewards

unique rewards

Unique Rewards is a Reward website like Swagbucks. It rewards you with offers like watching videos, clicking ads, listening to musics, shopping online, playing video games, online surveys and so on.

You can earn up to $0.03 for every 30 minutes that you listen to a song and fill out a Captcha. You can make withdrawal via PayPal, Bitcoins, or Check on a weekly basis with a cash threshold of $20.

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