6 Best Places to Sell Your Photos Online and Make Money

Are you a photographer? Do you carry your digital camera or your Smartphone anywhere you go? Do you have a number of quality photos that you believe people may want to pay for?
Do you want to make extra money selling your pictures online? Guess what, you definitely can and we will discuss six places you can sell them online completely for free.

No 1.

Snapwire is an image based app that helps you make money. The Snapwire platform connects the photographer with brands and small businesses looking for the perfect image.

They have an app which you can easily find at the Google Play Store for Android devices or on the App Store for IOS devices.
As a photographer, you can take part in the different challenges, request a challenge of your own, connect with buyers, and sell your images in the company’s marketplace.

How do you get paid? Each challenge you enter has a prize awarded to the challenge. If you win the challenge,you’ll receive 70% of the award money or when a person buys one of your images from the marketplace or directly from you. You’ll earn 50% of the money paid.
The company pays you through PayPal or Stripe when you’ve accumulated $25 or more in your account.

No 2. is another great place to sell your pictures. It enables you to take a picture anywhere with your phone and upload it via their App immediately to start earning.

Founded in 2012, the Foap App is a scam free way to upload your Smartphone photos for sale and is available on Apple and Android devices. Once you’re done registering at which is completely free to do, you’ll be required to rate five photos with 1-5 stars before you can upload any of your own photos which in turn will be rated by 5 other Foap users to verify it.

Foap charges $10 for every photo that they sell, but you get paid $5 every time one of your photos sells. One thing to mention is, each photo can be sold more than once.

If you have a popular photo it could sell 10 or more times!!! Foap pays via PayPal, but they only pay at the end of each month. You’ll need to cash out by the 15th of the month to get paid at the end of the month.

No 3. Shutterstock

Since it’s launching 15 years ago, Shutterstock has paid over $400 million to it’s Worldwide community contributors and they have $100 million stock images, videos, and music tracks. When you upload a picture to their marketplace, you get to keep your copyright protected.

To join Shutterstock and start making money selling your photos, go down to the footer on their page, and click on ”Become a contributor” to get started. As a contributor, you make 30% of sales and payments are done at the end of the month.

No 4. Alamy

They are loads of reasons why Alamy is a great and beautiful place to sell your stock photos. Here are just a few them:
. You get 50% for sales on Alamy Website
. You get 50% for sales through Novel Use
. You get 50% for video clip sales
. You get 30% for sales through Alamy distributors
. They are fair, transparent and easy to work with
. They’ve paid over $165 million to their contributors
. They’ve a great support service for their contributors
. You can keep the copyright
. You can sell anything (vectors, stock images & videos)

To become Alamy’s contributor you need to sign up for a free account and send in 4 images of varied subject for review. All 4 images must pass Alamy’s Quality Control. Once accepted, you’ll have an account called ” my Alamy”. Here you can:

. Upload your images
. See the progress of your image submission
. Add captions, tags and other details
. Track your sales

This has made Alamy to become the world’s largest marketplace for stock photos and also huge number of their monthly visitors, you’re guaranteed of potential customers for your photo. Their minimum payout is $50 and you get paid through your PayPal Account.

No 5.

Fotolia is a photo site that provides royalty-free images, illustrations,graphics, and video clips. Members of the site can buy or sell images on the site. It’s been around for more than 15 years and it’s being owned by Adobe. You are paid a commission on the images you sell on the site.

The site offers you a 33% commission on photos and vector art. You’ll receive a 35% commission for videos. Once your account reaches $50 you can request a payout. The company pays you through PayPal.

No 6. 

istock is one of the top stock photo agencies in the industry, and the pioneer in the micro stock model –selling royalty free photos online at low prices with minimum payment requirement.

They’re backed by Getty Images, and they’re well-known for their high curation level and extensive catalog that includes a huge collection of exclusive images. To start selling photos on istock, fill out an application form, select the category of what you want to sell e.g.; videos, audios,photos, etc.

You will be asked to upload a few samples of your work to make sure it’s up the standard they want. The standard royalty payout for istock starts at 15% per download but it can increase to 45% depending on the popularity of your photos. They pay you through PayPal so make sure you have an active account.

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