email marketing

Your E-mail might be the most valuable asset your business owns so take control of your privacy & Send Unlimited Emails via Your Own Mail Server. I Will Set up your own mail server like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and send emails/newsletters without any limit. 

I Will Set-up Your Own SMTP Server and connect it to Mautic Open-Source Automation Marketing Software, so you can be able to send Unlimited Emails.

  • I Will Set-up Authentication Security protocols like SPF, DMARC, DKIM and MX Records to Ensure 10/10 Sending Score.
  • I Will Configure SSL/TLS for Your Email Server.
  • I Will Install Set-up Virtualmin Open Source Web Hosting Control Panel
  • I Will Set up Mautic Cronjob, Unsubscribe, & Bounce Processing
  • I Will Help You Warm-up Your IP to Establish a Good Sender Reputation
  • I Will Provide Support and Assistance for All Packages.
  • As a Bonus, You will learn how to set-up your Gmail SMTP to send Bulk Mails.
  • I will also Teach you how to Extract Emails from Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for Free
Verified Professional Targeted Emails

We have over 6 years Experience in Lead Generation, Email Database Collection & Digital Marketing. We have decided to share with you my powerful spam filtered & updated email list that will definitely boost your business 1000% & blow you mind completely.


  1. Over 100,00 USA full contact list with first & last Name, Address, Email, Phone, State.
  2. Over 3 million USA companies Email List with Location, Name, Phone, Web Address & State.
  3. 5 Million USA random Emails.
  4. 2 Million UK Emails.
  5. 2 Million Australia Emails.
  6. 10 Million Canada Emails.
  7. 15 Million Facebook Emails.
  8. 15 Million India Emails
  9. 40 Million International/EU Emails.
  10. 4 Million Yahoo Emails.
  11. 2 Million Middle East Emails.
  12. 50,000 Hotmail Emails.

Over 100 Marketing E-books With 100% Resell Rights as the first bonus, then the biggest bonus is a Do-it-yourself video that you can learn how i extracted these mails & how you can extract & Verify them for free, so you can create an unlimited email list for your business.