how to shop on limandy

Shopping At Limandy Is Very Easy

1. Find the product

You will first of all search for the product you wish to buy by either using the search bar to search directly for the product or you can go through the product categories to find the product you want.

3. Click ''ADD TO cart''

When you click on the 'Add To Cart' button, you will be taken to your Shopping Cart where you can choose the quantity to purchase, remove products from your cart & also see related products your can purchase.

5. Shipping information

If you are an already existing customer, you will be required to sign into your account to complete your order. If you are a new customer, you will required to fill out a form with your name & the address where you will like the item delivered. Make sure the selected address is accurate.

2. Clicking the product

Once you have seen the product, click on it to read the description & details of the product. If you are ready to buy the product, click on 'ADD TO CART' button to proceed to checkout.

4. Proceed to checkout

At the Checkout page, you will be provided with two forms to fill out. The first will be to choose your correct address which will allow you to fill your shipping details and the second will be to choose your preferred payment method for your order.

6. your payment method

You will required to put in your billing information. Once you are done filling out your payment details using our secured server, make sure you delivery details are accurate then click on 'Place my Order'button to complete your order. A confirmation mail will be sent to you ASAP.


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