New Original 7000mAh High power Rechargeable battery+Nickel sheets

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 Battery Specification

Battery Type:Lifepo4
Nominal Capacity:7Ah , 6.5Ah, welcome test it.
Nominal Voltage:3.7v
Battery Dimension:32x70mm
Battery Weight:About 145g
Internal Resistance: less than 8 mohms
Cycle life:More than 2000 times, DOD at 80%
Combination:Can be 3s 4s 8s 10s 13s , etc
Input Charging Voltage3.65v/cell
Input Charging Current3A
Continuous Discharging Current30A
Max Current Discharge6C
Discharge cut-off Voltage2.50v/cell
Charging Temperature:0~45Centigrade
Discharging temperature:-20~60Centigrade
Storage temperature:-20~45Centigrade
Widely Applications:Electric vehicle, Electric Bicycle, Tricycle, scooter, golf trolley, cart, wheelchairs, Medical instrument, Solar supply system,solar panel, energy storage, electric tools, power tools, instruments, LED lighting devices, RC toys, inverter, household appliances and emergent device area, etc.

The quality of the factory is durable and safe. It is suitable for all kinds of small electric tricycle battery packs, sprayer batteries, solar street lights, solar garden lights, photovoltaic energy storage, strong light flashlights, backup power supplies, etc.

90% of the energy of the iron phosphate battery is concentrated in a small area of 3-3.2v, and the discharge characteristics are very stable.

The voltage is stable, far superior to ternary polymer batteries and lead acid batteries.

Lithium iron phosphate completely solves the safety hazard problem of lithium cobaltate and lithium manganate. Lithium cobaltate and lithium manganate will cause explosion under strong collision, which poses a threat to consumers’ life safety, while lithium iron phosphate is strictly Safety tests do not explode even in the worst traffic accidents.

Brand Name


Replacement Battery


Battery Number


Set Type

Batteries Only


Bundle 1

Model Number

3.2V 32700 7000mah





Nominal Capacity


18 reviews for New Original 7000mAh High power Rechargeable battery+Nickel sheets

  1. S***k

    Доставка в Ростов месяц,товар соответствует описанию

  2. T***a

    All OK.

  3. O***Y

    получил все 4 шт. Проверил. Емкость 5,9 – 6,2 А/ч при разрядном токе 6,5А.

  4. A***E

    parfait conforme.

  5. M***a

    Все хорошо! В работе еще не пробовали.

  6. A***N

    товар пришёл, на работоспособность пока не проверял, спасибо продавцу

  7. I***v

    Качество хорошее

  8. A***k

    опису відповідає, швидка доставка. рекомендую.

  9. F***e

    I’m very satisfied

  10. M***a

    I happy with what I received. With perfect charging and light load it’s possible that you could get 6.5Ah. Best I’ve seen so far is 6.35Ah. For the price, I think it is a good value. The cells come not charged very high for shipping but that because of air cargo rules for lithium batteries I think.

  11. W***n

    Livraison en 38 jours, produit conforme à la description. 12 batteries chargées entre 3,225V et 3,228V, je n’ai pas encore testé la capacité exacte.

  12. Customer

    Long time for my bluetooth headphones *****

  13. Customer

    Из 24 шт, 1 шт. менее 5000 mAh, остальные от 6700 до 6900 mAh, доставка быстрая.

  14. E***a

    Товар пришёл. Запакован в картонную коробку с защитной пленкой. Ёмкость не проверяла, заряжены до 3.2 вольта.

  15. A***n

    Получил быстро для батарей, но пока не применял их.

  16. N***a

    Принес курьер на дом . Продавцу спасибо

  17. G***r

    Thank you.

  18. A***v

    отличные аккумуляторы. к покупке советую. ёмкость в среднем 6600.

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