How to make money online is the most asked question on Google. Most people have tried a lot of methods, most have failed and some have managed to build an empire out of it. Now to build a very successful online business, you must bear in mind that it takes time.

No successful online business starts paying you immediately you start it, but that does not mean you won’t see quick different money making methods like completing online surveys, watching videos, reading e-mails, listening to music, testing websites, games and apps, selling your stock photos and art designs, and so on.

All these methods won’t give you a steady online income maybe because of the competition in the business. Don’t get me wrong, there is competition in every successful online business out there, but there is a big difference between a $300k and $3k income and those making $300k didn’t do anything special. They just choose a different online business that pays better.

There are long and short term strategies to start earning passive income online. The short-term (quick) strategies includes completing different online tasks which I listed above, and then there are long-term strategies like Blogging, Creating a YouTube Channel, Creating a Membership Website, creating a Dropshipping Website, Building an App, Content Writing, Becoming a Website Developer, Creating an Online Course, and so on.

In this article, I will discuss the three best long-term strategies that can make you a millionaire online. These online strategies does not require you to own a physical product, an office, or anything that will make you leave the comfort of your home, but you must have a website for it to work.

The first strategy on the list is a provocative and a ‘’not much talked about niche’’, but it is the easiest and the fastest way you can make over $500/month. I know because I am making thousands of dollars from this niche. Whether it’s a new pandemic or the accelerating inflation worldwide, or even a recession, this niche is making money and is never saturated because of the traffic it pulls.




Before we dive in, please note that to make money from this niche, you don’t have to create and distribute your own adult contents, rather you create your website, use an embedder plugin to embed thousands of videos from popular adult sites, register with an adult affiliate program, embed your affiliate links on your site, drive traffic your website through social media platforms and SEO.

70% of the contents on the internet are adult contents and with over 5 billion people watching adult contents every day, there is not enough content to satisfy our needs and that is why people are searching for more adult contents everyday. Adult sites receive more traffic than Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon combined every month.

Most of my adult websites are niche sites and by ‘niche’, I mean a particular category like EBONY, TEEN, and BBC etc. A niche site is better than a general adult site because the conversion rates are insane.

It is easier to start with and you will get genuine visitors who are more likely to click through your ads. It does not change the fact that you can’t have as many adult sites as you wish.

I started with one general site and two niche sites and then i realized i had more income coming from the niche sites than the general site even though I had more visitors on the general site. I decided to build more niche websites, why not?

Before you start you will need a reliable hosting company that allows you host adult contents (most of the hosting companies don’t allow adult websites/contents so be sure to read the terms and condition).

You don’t want to have your website pulled down so you make sure to do your research before you choose a hosting company. I use Hostwinds and they have been excellent.

HOW YOU CAN MAKE MONEY: Well basically you make money with your adult website by registering with a credible and reliable adult affiliate program. In my case I use CRACKREVENUE, but there are tons of other reliable companies that can pay you higher commission (you will have to do your research on that).

These companies offer you different kinds of ads (banner ads, pop-up ads, pre-roll ads) you can add to your site, so that when your visitors click on them, you make money. You can place the banner ads at the header, the footer, the sidebars, or any place you want on your website.

The pop-up ads as the name sounds pops up anywhere you want your visitors to see it on your website. The pre-roll ads are ads that you show your visitors before, in the middle, or at the end of a video.

You can make up to $10 when your visitors register free accounts on some offer from your website, and up to $200 (depending on the offer) when the visitor signs up with his credit card.

There is also revenue sharing which is the best way you can earn cash. It’s simple, when your visitor spends money on a particular offer, you can get up to 40% of whatever he or she spends on that offer forever. Yes I said it, as long as he is spending, you will be earning commission.

There is also Adult Games that pays like crazy too. You send your visitor to play free adult games, and you make more money if they pay for premium versions or spend money buying items when playing the free games.

You can make life commissions once your visitors start using their credit cards. If you start getting more traffic to your site, you can get sponsors or contact high profile companies related to your niche for ad placements on your site for maybe $150/week.

HOW TO GET TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE: I have different ways I get traffic to my websites. My main source of traffic is from Google. Optimizing your website properly is the best way to get traffic.

Let’s say you create a transgender site for example, you will get 100% niche visitors from your SEO traffic and serve them with your niche targeted ads. That way you will get a really great conversion rate and possible returning visitors.

Another way to generate traffic is through social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Instagram, Telegram, Tik Tok and many other platforms that allow adult contents (make sure you read their terms and condition before you do anything).

You can also run ads with some of these social platforms to maximize potential visitors to your website.I also use what I call the Uploading strategy to get lots of visitors to my websites too.

The strategy is simple; Download high quality videos from torrent sites or popular adult sites, edit them (cut-out 5-10 minutes clips from these videos) and re-upload them back online with a different title, descriptions, and then your affiliate link.

This strategy is efficient but it will require you to do a little work to get the job done. You can search for adult pictures online, add your watermarks and optimize them for Google image SEO.

HOW YOU CAN GET STARTED: To get started you need a hosting company that supports adult contents and a domain name. if you are a web designer then you can find your way online building your adult site.

If you want to make a real-time income with this niche but don’t know where to start, you can Contact me to help start you up. This is what I will do for you to get you started right away;

  1. 1 YEAR FREE HOSTING; this way you won’t have to worry about how to get a hosting company that will allow you host adult contents.
  2. ADULT PREMIUM THEME; a Theme that works on all devices, take have AD slots, Blog Section, Video Block Widget, Photo Gallery section and will also allow users to submit pictures and videos.
  3. VIDEO PLAYER PLUGIN; Insert your own affiliate code in the Powerful Video Player with options to display your own ads inside videos. Before video start, pre-roll, mid-roll and on pause ads are available
  4. MASS EMBBEDER PLUGIN; a plugin that imports thousands of adult videos from the best adult sites.
  5. ONE HUNDRED ADULT PICTURES; for an added bonus you will get 100 un-watermarked adult photos for your Google image SEO.
  6. FULLY SEO OPTIMIZED; I will fully optimize your website for search engines so your potential visitors can find you easily.
  7. LIFETIME FREE UPDATES; all the themes and plugins i will use to create your site will have a lifetime update.
  8. 24/7 SUPPORT; the 24/7 support means everything from answering all  questions regularly, and revealing all my secrets and techniques you need to succeed in this business.
  9. ANALYTICS; where you can track all the activities happening on your website.
  10. E-MAIL SET-UP; I will set-up your e-mails and connect you to millions of people.

What are you waiting for? Start earning serious income in the adult industry today. Get in touch now.




This is the best way anyone can earn real passive income online. The hard part is figuring out the kind of membership website you want to create and how you can produce contents for your site.

You can consider membership sites like a Dating Website, An Online Course Website, a Coaching Membership Website, an Online Community, or a Video Training Website.

The idea is to create a membership website that you can provide quality contents that people will pay for. You make money from membership subscriptions and advertisements from affiliate programs relating to the niche you choose.

A membership fee can be a recurring payment or a one-time fee. I will advice you start with a free membership registration. A free member is more likely to turn to a paid member if they have access to your content and then be able to see the exclusive content they can gain access to once they upgrade as a paid member.

I can help you set-up any membership website of your choice, optimize it for search engines and  run targeted advertisements on social media. Check out the various offers HERE or contact me directly for any questions.



Dropshipping is another great way to earn a steady income online without moving away from the comfort of your home. If you don’t know what Dropshipping is, it simply means a form of retail business where the seller accepts customer orders without keeping stock in hand.

You get a product of $10 and you sell the product for $15 on your Dropshipping store. When someone buys it from your store, you make $5 and the manufacturer sends the product straight to the customer.

There are popular Dropshipping companies like Shopify and Aliexpress Dropshipping. Both of them offer millions of product that you can add to your store with the help of a plugin that connects your store with theirs.

You can promote your store through different social media networks by placing adverts on them. You can Contact me if you are interested in having a Dropshipping website.

I can set-up a site for you that have;

  1. 1 Year Free hosting
  2. Business emails
  3. Mobile friendly
  4. Fully SEO optimized
  5. Website security
  6. Integrated social sharing
  7. Analytics
  8. Free lifetime updates.

If you have a good website design with quality contents, good SEO, and work for at least 10-hours/week on your website, you will definitely start earning steady income online.

Trust me it’s no joke. For those that can’t afford to own a website, you can try other cool ways like learning a valuable skill and becoming a freelancer, starting your own YouTube channel, writing and publishing a book, creating apps or a podcast, becoming a content writer or an Influencer, becoming a travel consultant, starting e-mail marketing campaigns, or becoming a virtual assistant.

All these methods will help you make steady income online and it is also free to learn and start so what are you waiting for? Contact me if you have any questions. Opportunity comes but once.

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