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What To Expect From This Amazing Book

100 Million Targeted Emails Leads

This is the biggest bonus that comes with this Amazing Book. With over 6 years Experience in Lead Generation, Email Database Collection & Digital Marketing.

We have decided to share with you our powerful spam filtered & updated email list that will definitely boost your business 1000% & blow you mind completely.


Over 100,00 USA full contact list with first & last Name, Address, Email, Phone, State.
Over 3 million USA companies Email List with Location, Name, Phone, Web Address & State.
5 Million USA random Emails.
2 Million UK Emails.
2 Million Australia Emails.
10 Million Canada Emails.
15 Million Facebook Emails.
15 Million India Emails
40 Million International/EU Emails.
4 Million Yahoo Emails.
2 Million Middle East Emails.
50,000 Hotmail Emails.


Premium Email Marketing Software's

Another Powerful Bonus that comes with this E-book offer is two Premium software’s that help you Send out bulk mails without spamming and also an Email Verifier software that helps you verify the emails addresses to make sure you avoid Blacklisted, Invalid, and Spam trap emails, and also keep your reputation intact

These Software’s comes with a video guide on how you can install it on your computer. Once you have these software’s, you can send out bulk emails at any  time you want without restrictions or any other hidden charges. 

It is way better than using Email marketing platforms because, you are NOT going to pay any monthly fee or a fee per email sent, and you will also not be sharing your private information, email lists, contents with any third party company.

How To Become A Successful Blogger

The complete step-to-step guide on how to become a successful blooger. You will learn;

  • Detailed Steps on how to start a Blog
  • Blogging tips and tricks
  • The downside of Blogging 
  • The best ways to Monetize your Blog
  • The best way to drive traffic to your Blog
  • How to make money with Google Adsense

How to Be Successful in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online businesses out there and is also the most misunderstood business out there too. With This Amazing E-book you will learn:

  • Advantages & disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing.
  • The Best companies to register as an Affiliate.
  • How to properly use social media for Affiliate marketing.
  • How to use your personal website/blog for Affiliate marketing.
  • The best products to advertise as an affiliate.
  • The common mistakes Affiliate marketers make.
  • How to use the cold Email strategy.
  • How to use lead pages

Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoins

You will learn everything you need to know about Bitcoins..

  • What is Bitcoin/Satoshi?
  • How and where to open your own bitcoin wallet/account.
  • How to fund your wallet.
  • How to withdraw your bitcoins into your local bank account.
  • How to get free bitcoins in your wallet.
  • How to become a bitcoin merchant.
  • Where you can trade bitcoins

How To Be Successsful On Youtube

YouTube is, at its core, a video-sharing website. Owned by Google since 2006. While there are other video sites out there, none of them comes close to matching YouTube’s reach, massive content catalog, and global cultural ubiquity.

In this Youtube Lessons, you will be learn the following:

  • The five things you need for Youtube success.
  • The Best Youtube Channel ideas you can make money from.
  • Tips on Making money on Youtube.
  • How to drive traffic to your Youtube Channel.
  • How to set up a Youtube Channel.
  • How to run Youtube Advertisements.



Legit Websites That pay you Real Money

There are different ways you can earn cool cash online and I will reveal to you:

  • Legit Free Websites That Pay You to Write Articles/Essays.
  • Legit Free Websites That Pay You to Listen To Music.
  • Legit Free Websites That Pay You to Answer Questions/Reviews.
  • Legit Free Websites to Make Easy Money as a Freelancer.
  • Legit Free Websites to Make Easy Money as An Online Tutor.
  • The Best Places To Sell Your E-books Online.
  • Where To Sell Photos Online And Earn Money For Free.
  • The Best Companies That Pay You To Test Websites Online.
  • Best Free Surveys Websites That Really Pays You Money.
  • 8 Ways to Make Money with Amazon.

How To Be Make Money with Social Media

You will learn how to make serious cash with your social media accounts for free. A detailed guide on the:

  • 5 Facebook Business Ideas That Will Make You Cool Money
  • 5 Twitter Business Ideas That Will Make You Cool Money
  • 5 Instagram Business Ideas That Will Make You Cool Money


This is very important if you want to send out bulk emails for free without having a domain name or hosting. 

With Gmail, you send up to 500 emails per day If you have 10 Gmail accounts you can send up to 5000 mails every day.

The package contains a video guide on how to authenticate you Gmail account to be able to send out mails that will be delivered to the inbox.

100 Marketing E-book bonus with Resell Rights

You also get free 100 marketing E-book with full resell rights. With this bonus, you can resell any of the books or all of them if thats what you want.

This is a book like no other you have seen on the internet before. It does not just teach you how to make a full-time income on the internet but also gives you the tools to execute them. Whether it’s Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Youtube or anything you do online, you can use the email lists and the bulk email software to blast cold emails campaigns.

There are also Genuine Affiliate companies that you can sign up for free from anywhere in the world and use your Gmail accounts to start sending out bulk emails immediately.

With this ebook, whatever you sell or any services you offer online, you will now be able to drive heavy traffic to it. You will also get quality customer support and updates from us for life.