Top 5 Best Free Photo Editing Software's Online

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No 5. Photoshop Express

A well designed online photo editor from the Adobe Family. It has almost all photo enhancement capabilities of Photoshop and is completely free to use. It has an App for both Android and IOS and also can be used on a windows phone/tablet.  Photoshop Express Editor has various features to enhance photos like cropping, rotating, red eye removal, smart borders & effects, creating collages, share on social media, and raw photo support. It is not the best Photoshop image editor, but it’s great for a quick photo touch.

No 4. Photopea

A unique online tool for editing pictures. You can use it to edit photos, enhance them, and use both vector and raster tools all without having to download anything. In a nutshell, it is a Photoshop alternative  that you can open in your web browser. It feels and looks exactly as Photoshop both the interface and it’s features. It is free, very easy to use, and has so many features to keep users from having to purchase a photo editing software. Photopea supports formats such as PSD, XCF, SKETCH, PDF, PNG, JPEG,GIF, WEBP, BMP, EPS, CDR, XD, TGA, NEF, PPM/PBM/PGM, SVG, ICO, and so many more.

No 3. Canva

if you really want to save your time on editing and designing photos, then Canva online photo editor is the best option to use. it is well structured, free, and does not require any special skills. You do not need to download or subscribe to anything, just open your browser and start creating nice designs. They have fantastic various ready made banners, elements and fonts. The Canva photo editor  is acutualy better used for Photo designing instead of Photo editing because it has small number of tools for editing photos. It is a universal online graphic design software and a tool for creating artistic masterpiece.

No 2. GIMP

You can’t mention top photo editors without including GIMP. It is by far the most popular photo editing software out there. GIMP is the closest you can get to Photoshop. It comes fully loaded with impressive number of professional quality functions like image retouching and editing, free-form drawings, converting between different image formats, graphic designing and so much more. GIMP is more than a photo editing program and it’s best for experienced users and also those who want to do more complex & sophisticated editing at no cost.

No 1. Fotor

Founded in 2012, Fotor photo editor is an excellent online tool with an extremely easy to understand UI that makes it very easy to use. It has functions for editing photos, image retouching, creating collages, graphic designing and so much more. Fotor has a desktop and mobile version, and both are fun and easy to use. It provides raw file editing and tons of features that you usually find in premium versions of other photo editing software’s.

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